Helping You Find Your Path to Healing

I’m Michele McNiff

Holistic Nurse Coach

“ We are all bio-electromagnetic beings of Light, with the ability to self heal”

– Michele McNiff

Goal Setting



Health Planning

Care Navigating through challenging health issues

Stress Management

Learn Self Awareness Practices to soothe your soul

Benefits of Yoga

Yoke your Body and Mind through your  breathe, mudras, mantras, & movement.

What Is Holistic Nurse Coaching?

Holistic Nurse Coaches bring an integrative perspective to coaching recognizing, the biological, psychological, social/cultural, transpersonal and energetic components of individuals. This perspective leaves space for openness and “not knowing” (Dossey, 2008) – the gateway to where new knowledge resides.

What Is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages and works in harmony with and is complementary to standard medical care.


Find Your Balance Through Integrative Healthcare.

Yoga! Union of body and mind, like tuning an instrument when we get a sense of our own vibration, we strengthen our electromagnetic field creating a barrier to dis-ease.

Through mantra (mind wave), movement (asana), mudra (stimulating our meridian system) pranayama (Breathe). We activate our autonomic parasympathetic nervous system. Similar to the food we put in our mouth, our body, mind, organ, and spirit digest everything we are exposed to. When we consciously direct our attention and intention inward we are hitting out own reset button. Nerves relax, our breath lengthens, hormonal message’s to our glandular system start a whole cascade of healing. Be the Conductor in you own life!


“Michele is a skilled healer who used Healing Touch and other energy healing techniques to relieve my sciatica.  Her gentle, intuitive approach relaxed me and completely eliminated my pain for several days after the session.”

Michele B.

“Michele brings with her an extremely mature and compassionate field of inquiry. She shares a nice balance of technique and openness to the mystery.”

Amba Stapleton

Founder of Nosara Yoga Institute

“Michele is a gifted healer and her touch is soothing and informed. Her training as a medical professional gives her the added advantage of being able to notice and respond to a client’s energy and overall health that day.  She offers the healing approach that’s right for you, as opposed to a blanket method dished out the same way each time.  Michele really considers the client and their state of health and selects the right treatment for them.  She knows what she’s doing; you get that from the first moment you are with her. “

Author, Musician, Yoga Teacher

About Me

 I am Holistic Registered Nurse, with a background in critical care nursing . 

  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
  • Holistic Integrative Nurse Coach 
  • 500hr Registered Interdisciplinary Yoga teacher
  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor
  • Pranassage Practitioner

I provide the following combination services:

  • Integrative Nurse Coach sessions
  • Healing Touch sessions
  • private or group yoga sessions 

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New Heart Centered Approach

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